Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Frome are recruiting!

Are your scissors sharp enough to join our troops?

Melanie Giles Hairdressing Frome are looking for a senior stylist/colourist to join their ever growing, forward thinking, fast-paced salon!

If you enjoy working hard in a vibrant atmosphere, with the opportunity to improve your skills and grow as a hair stylist, please forward your cv & cover letter to

The troops await you!

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Bit of an "UP DOO"

Just a little update on what we have been doing in Frome.
We had our very first hairup night this week with me (Scarlett) and Maddy.
Everyone in the salon is very passionate about hair and there is no better way to get the creative juices flowing by getting together and having fun with hairup. The team had a few weeks to prepare by looking at styles that suit their models and their taste.
 When the evening came we were all very excitable and couldn’t wait to get started, after a glass of bubbly and nibbles of course!

Our wonderful senior stylist Nick created beautiful soft hair by first curling using tongs and setting them with our Aveda Air control spray. Then by making a scaffold across the head using grips he could then carefully and creatively pin the hair up in to place. Nick likes to do his research and spent the last few weeks looking at hair styles he would like to try in our evening class. He chose the perfect style for the models hair texture and colour and did a fantastic job.
 His lovely model who is also his fiancĂ© is probably thinking wedding hair!

This style is perfect for any event including Christmas parties!  Beth did a great job on her models hair and shows great potential as she is in her training at the moment. She loves anything hair related and is a complete “hair geek” when it comes to extra training and studying.
The hair was tonged using a hair wand and a section of hair is isolated at the front for the fish tail braid. The rest is pinned up and barrel curled in to create the shape. Great use of hair accessories used which gives more detail to a simple but lovely style.

Maddy’s experience and passion for hair really came through when she put this beautiful style together in about 20 minutes! A combination of braids and twists all incorporated into each other to create an amazing style for her client.
Maddy’s hairup stole the evening and it was definitely my favourite of the night. It was a perfect example of how wedding hair has been this year and totally gorgeous.
Well done Maddy!

I had fun with my model by first back combing all of the hair and leaving two sections isolated at the back which I then braided to bring back around the top. I created a 60’s beehive style by smoothing and pinning the hair and attached a flower to make it feel more youthful and give it a “festival hair” feel.
Probably the easiest and quickest hairup from the evening, I wanted to demonstrate it doesn’t have to take hours to create something a bit different and even talked my model through it so she can try it herself!

Abby is one of our amazing stylists in Frome and she was so excited to try out some new styles.
Everything Abby does is just perfection and she didn’t disappoint with this beautiful bridal style. By isolating the front first, she pinned the underneath slightly to one side. The hair was then curled and pinned up into shape and the front was backcombed and brought into the rest of the hair. Great use of hair accessories as its harder to see the details in darker hair.


Both these braided styles are a fun way of wearing your hair. The picture below is a messy French pleat all the way over the head and pinned in and deliberately made more textured and messy. It works well with the models “two toned” hair.

The picture underneath is a waterfall braid which we saw all over the internet and magazines and decided to try it out. It’s very easy to do and looks amazing! it’s like a French plait that runs horizontally around the head. You create the waterfall effect by dropping pieces of hair and picking new ones up.