Saturday, 9 July 2011

Rough luxe

As we become closer to the grand opening we prepare the shop front with Tom up the top of the cherry picker for pretty much the best part of 12 hours..The transformation begins!

Sasha (Beauty therpiast,Frome) doing the final coat of the sash windows in the staff room
Abi (senior colourist,bath) the floor sanding expert in the treatment room
The original awning returned to it's former glory, revamped with a new canvas and new galvanised arms,Terry has done a fantastic job..
The work top for the kitchen area took 5 people to lift in
Reiss teaching everyone his skills in cutting in - we have helping out here Pixie (Trainee in Bath) Sash,as before Mark (new trainee in Bath,but a gold star for his amazing efforts and hard work in Frome, Lisa (Junior stylist in Frome), Roseanna (receptionist for Frome and last but not least you can see him up the ladder Alex (Pixie's boyfriend,who actually works in printing) has been a dab hand at painting and reaching the ceilings etc
Mark and Reiss on with the chalky white stone wash

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